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Château Grillet 

The Château Grillet has been an appellation since 1936. This Southern Loire vineyard is 9-acre large and adjoins the Condrieu appellation to produce Viognier like the neighbour vineyards, and cultivates an essential grape variety of the Northern Rhône valley. The annual production equals to around 71 hectolitres, representing a bit less than 10,000 bottles: this shows that the wine produced is confidential but just as prestigious.
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    Like its neighbour Condrieu, Château Grillet dates back from the Gallo-Roman age. Located at an average altitude of 600 feet, it overlooks the Rhône river and is facing South/South-East, which guarantees an interesting ripeness. The 8 acres of terraces have belonged for long to a unique tenant, the Neyret-Gachet family, who gave the vineyard its...